Another Devastating Day for Guinea

Yesterday, I got a chance to go back to my alma mater, Elyria Catholic High School. I spent the school day speaking with junior and senior theology classes about my experiences in Guinea. I met some incredible young men and women, all curious about many elements of life in West Africa. It was a fun reunion with many of the teachers who were so formative in my own education.

While were were in the classroom in Elyria, back in Conakry, over 50,000 people came together to protest against the president of Guinea, Moussa Dadis Camara. When the Camara took over the presidency at Christmas, he stated that he would not run in the upcoming election. However, it is believed that he will run in the election set to happen early 2010. The military broke up the protest and in doing so, killed 150 people. All Peace Corps members are safe up in their villages; from the sounds of it, only Conakry has any opposition. Up country is the same as always. You can read about it on the BBC:


I was set to return to Guinea today after spending three weeks home in Cleveland, however after talking to Peace Corps in Guinea, I am now waiting until Sunday. The people of Guinea are anxious about what the reaction to all of this will be. Hopefully by Sunday everyone will have a better sense of what is happening. So for now, all I can do is pray for those in Guinea and the families who are mourning.

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